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Is anyone on the Internets tonight?

Posted by oldancestor on May 28, 2011

Hi there, ghost town.


Relief sculpture from Temple of Dendur (c. 15 B.C.E.) in New York

Check out my new post on Pure film Creative, where I talk Zombies, old guys with guitars, and how people in England have bad taste.

To make up for not writing a new Anvil story tonight, I’ve posted this image. It’s a relief sculpture from the Temple of Dendur. I took it at the Metropolitan Museum of Art today when I was “on assignment” for PFC. 

Back with more nonsense soon!

22 Responses to “Is anyone on the Internets tonight?”

  1. I hope you are taking the bas-relief back, after having taken it. I’m assuming you didn’t pay for it, and didn’t get permission to take it – by MMA or anyone else. I also wish you would quit calling your alter-ego blog PFC. My eyes are bad enough that all I see is PTC and I have to wonder what the hell I did to have you mention me so often, and supposedly write for me when nothing shows up. . . Maybe you could volunteer to fill in for me a few times a week – that would make me feel a lot better.

    • I wore my extra baggy shorts (the ones with all the pockets) and put a block in each pocket. Luckily I numbered each one first, so it was a snap getting it back together in my apartment.

      You’re so selfish! Instead of asking me to come up with a different way to refer to the other blog, you should be volunteering to reverse the sequence of your last name. Sure, it might involve a bit of administrative work on your side, but think of the instant clarity.

      In other words, bring solutions, not problems!

    • I have to take Paula’s side on this one Old Ancestor. Hasn’t “The Anvil” hurt enough people?
      Since it’s inception world population has only increased,Gas prices at the pump have skyrocketed, there was a Tsunami, and one of two teams lost the Super Bowl.
      I have never been a proponent of Censorship, nor in favor of sending the residents of the Hated State of New Jersey into a Diaspora.
      But I think that a line has been crossed and that we should let the hate mongering begin. And I think the Eric Baker Agenda should be quelled.

      p.s. Great article! A+.
      Who did you PLAGIARIZE it from?

      I have to leave before I say a bad word.

      • Those things might all be true, but didn’t one of those teams also win the superbowl?

        I’m still waiting for my championship ring.

        • Well “lose,” vs “win” depends on what type of person you are, take me for example; I am a pessimist, so by 8:30 am by Liquor Bottle is already “half-empty.”
          Yours is probably “half-full.”
          You would have to agree we still are both losers. So both Superbowl teams therefore lost.That is impossible. I think optimism reasoning is specious.

          Nice try though, I almost fell for it.

  2. nrhatch said

    Aah . . . you delved into ancient Egypt while I enjoyed a PBS (not PTC) broadcast on ancient China and its various dynasties, including the Emporer’s tomb guarded by 7,000 terra cotta warriors.

  3. To OA and HA: Everybody loses unless Peyton Manning wins. He is, after all, MY Peyton Manning. I’m planning on a statue in his likeness for our front yard – hubs doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. His Superbowl ring(s) will also be embedded in my gravestone. He only allowed NO to win because he felt sorry for them. Katrina and all; which only goes to show what a fine young gentleman he is. He will also be the keynote speaker at my funeral (there will be a large crowd speaking in my honor and memory). Tickets will be sold. Expect a sellout. If you send in your money now, I will be sure that a spot is reserved for you when the time comes. Peyton is bound to speak glowingly of me and all my many accomplishments – for instance, the writer of the longest blog comments in the history of blogdom, with a special category prize for writing everything in one paragraph. He will speak as well of my sterling character and 14K gold teeth. All quite lovingly. He knows all about me because I am certain he hears me yelling from in front of my TV while he is playing. . .which I have done since he played for UTenn. (He was ROBBED of the Heisman, BTW!)The service will be located at a central location, and delayed if the Colts are playing. I’ll be watching too from wherever I happen to be at the time. If you feel you must change your references to me, instead of Private First Class, then just use my blog initials from now on: RFACM – otherwise pronounced “are-FAKE-em.: ‘enough said. . .for now. Heh. Heh. Heh. P.S. I’ve reported you to the MMA. They found superglue ooze on one of the pieces you used to assemble the blocks, and put out an APB for the vandal. You are obviously to under-educated that they used a mortar made of honey, apples and walnuts. . .

    • Eli Manning. Check. A your funeral.

      That was glue and mortar? I thought it was a stale pastry. No wonder I hurt my teeth. What was I supposed to think with the walnuts?

      • Eli is allowed at my funeral only as a courtesy to his elder brother. He snubbed UT. I will allow, however, that he and his team have done alright, and if Peyton simply is not allowed to win by his sometimes inferior defensive line, then I will say a rah-rah! for Eli. He’s a nice enough kid. Just still wet behind his ears.

        • Can I invite Luigi Manning, the black sheep of the family, who once scammed Princess Talooloo of West Prussia out of her ruby egg collection and later became Minster of Yellow Hats in the polar nation of Hyperboria?

          • You can “invite” him, I suppose, but he will have to sit in the bleachers or the cheap seats, and pay for the ticket himself – no freebies. I will of course be inviting Dad Archie. Even though he played for NO. He couldn’t help it, the Indy Colts were in Baltimore at the time – they didn’t know any better either. . .

  4. The Hook said

    Very cool image!

  5. Now , that’s using your Temple…

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