Transmissions from the alternate universe



Old Ancestor - Editor-in-chief, Poseur

Lacy Thundercake – Head news writer
Lennie – contributing writer
Robotman – contributing writer
Eric J Baker – Real person



19 Responses to “Staff”

  1. postadaychallenge2011 said

    Hello, to Editor, Eric, Lacy, and Lennie- “welcome” to my world

    • On behalf of my staff, I want to say tha…

      wait a minute, the voices in my head are rattling around…

      Ok, Eric says, “Hi,” Lacy says, “Who’s this chick?” and Lennie says, “Fortune favors the bold.”

  2. Eric I am patiently anticipating the lyrics to your own authored band songs. I seriously think you should have a page on your blog. You could give it a funny page name and then a serious history of the band past history. Especially if you have any pictures. Pictures taken before you were called “Old Ancestor” and instead called “Stud Dagger” – in the band “Dagger and the Spandex Demons.”

    Seriously though, I’m not joking folks, he is even a semi-famous-PFC blog guest-celebrity-author, who recently wrote an article for the well known Pure Film Creative Blog. It is a high brow critic style article (a little bit on the outer edge of PG13) but rock music and fame does that to good people sometimes. 🙂

    Go see if you like a sardonic satirical point of view.
    Eric Baker’s Article at PFC

    • I hope to have another one up on PFC soon.

      I don’t know what happened to all my old band pics, though I still have a publicity still from our press kit (with hair more like “Lacy Thundercake” up there than Old Ancestor’s). Unfortunately, I have no way to get permission from the other people in the pic to put their faces on the internet.

  3. Lacy Thundercake

    I think I want to have your baby

  4. With my rod and your staff (GGTSAFS*), we could drink a lot of Southern Comfort.

    (*Good Grief, That Sounds Absolutely Freakin’ Slutty)

  5. Mel said

    Is it wrong that I was hoping you’d be bald?

    • As long as you realize it’s by choice.


      • Mel said

        Well that’s pretty clear…should I have appealed more to your manly ego and said “shaved head” rather than bald? Anyway, it’s good to see a nicely shaped head cleared of unecessary hair.

    • Eric Baker does not suffer from male-pattern baldness, as you might assume. He shaves his head. If you want to know why, just talk to him for 5 minutes. You will discover he is truly not hiding the embarrassment of hair loss. He merely idolizes Mr. Clean, an even more virile, smooth-headed, friendly man, if such a creature is possible. A bloke who is liked by everyone… except for the Jews, who fear him. Because he is goose-stepping Nazi bastard.

  6. Bango! Lucy Thundercake!
    She was(In my biased opinion) the key to the upward ascent of the psychedelic rock band, “Eric Baker Airplane,” when Signe Anderson had her love child Lilith and bailed out in 1966.
    Lucy had that supple contralto voice,and as a former model, she also improved was formerly known only as “Drugs, and Rock and Roll”, by adding the most important factor “Sex.”
    Once the 60 were officially about “Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll” that really made everything more fun.
    Tell Lucky made dad has a tattoo of her on his back.He had to quit the ROTC because of it.
    Cool, I didn’t know she worked for the anvil. Tell her she’s still hot, but the cigarette makes her look like Keith Richards.

  7. If you do not comment on this article and acknowledge my contempt for you. You can forget about being on my enemies list anymore. I will just be indifferent to you, which is worse.

    Unread in cyberspace. Disgruntled Ex Postman – off all medications,
    Hanson Anderson

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