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Check this out!

Posted by oldancestor on May 22, 2011

The Anvil sinks to a new low!


Greetings, beloved Anvil Readers and random surfers-in.

No new story here, but please check out my new post for Pure Film Creative.

You get to see me:

1. Use naughty words 

2.  Talk about the End of the World that didn’t happen, Lady Gaga, and Pompeii

3. Get mocked in the captions

James, the blog master, has been kind enough to avoid naked men pictures this week, so those of you with gentler tastes will only be mildly offended. To make up for this and for luring you in here with a non-story, I have posted an alternate picture my friend Sandi made (but I didn’t use) for my Royal Wedding post, because it was too risqué.

New story here tomorrow (probably)! But really, go read my PFC post. You’ll love it.


14 Responses to “Check this out!”

  1. nrhatch said

    I’m on my way . . .

  2. Went there..came back.

  3. The Hook said

    Nothing wrong with pandering to the lowest common denominator. You go, Anvil!

  4. Myedac.Com said

    I’m not publishing this in well being and wellness as there is no chance for comments in that category at this time, and I want to be able to add a comment later regarding his condition.

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