Transmissions from the alternate universe

Anvil Haiku

Posted by oldancestor on May 19, 2011

By Lennie




Heavy iron thing

Please feel free to hammer down

But do watch your thumb

This one weighs a ton

I’m so sorry you’ve been crushed

Cartoon coyote


When I have no time

I thank Basho for Haiku!

It comes in handy


I’d like to hear yours

Please avoid profanity

You’ll be unapproved


31 Responses to “Anvil Haiku”

  1. nrhatch said

    What an “about face”
    From the weightier Anvil.
    Haiku spice up life.

  2. Yes…..Is that Bart Simpson under that Anvil?

  3. Melancholic end
    Agonizing null and void
    Dying Soul; rent twain

  4. Congratulations you have just been awarded the “Versatile Blogger Award”.
    visit: for details.

  5. The Hook said

    Nice work! Seriously.

  6. Me brave omnivore
    Eat pine cones and mosquitoes
    Run naked from Bear

    She dances lithely
    Seduction lit by moon bright
    Oh!- look, a Nickel

    I want to be close
    to you. Can I fit my head
    Inside your armpit?

    Cats meow out of angst
    Thumbs! If only we had thumbs!
    We could text some one!”

  7. Coming from you, sir –
    That I write nothing profane?
    You must be insane!

    A civil keyboard
    Is difficult to achieve
    With only one hand.

    I must ask Sonya
    To transcribe with perfection –
    No deletions, please!

    So, did she do it?
    Manage no profanity?
    I really should check.

    Too busy to care.
    I’ll leave it all as she wrote.
    Let me know, will you?

  8. I still hit the floor
    But hit walls more frequently
    Catch self one-handed.

    Surgery worked well
    But only to relieve pain
    At least some if it.

    If you want complaints
    I could go on forever
    Having one hand sucks.

    Did I answer all?
    Your concern was well-received
    You’ve not hit me – yet.

    A still target helps.
    I am always on the move.
    Catch me if you can.

    ;-D 😉 ;-D 😉 ;-D
    😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 :-O
    😀 # # # 😀

  9. Dang it to WordPress!
    THey didn’t print the right way
    There’s a Haiku there. . .

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